Brathay 10in10

Runners arrive on the start line of the Brathay 10in10 with varying degrees of fitness. For an endurance stage race like this there's a fine line between doing the right level of training and actually overdoing it, becoming exhausted and susceptible to injury. 

By applying what we've learnt from years of delivering the event, and drawing on the experience of previous 10in10 participants, we are able to support our runners in getting to the start line well prepared to run 262 beautiful miles over 10 days. However, some athletes still come into the event having not run the miles required to sustain 10 marathons in 10 days and we also see runners arriving fatigued and with minor injuries from over training.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to training for the 10in10, so what we provide here are training tips and advice from two of our close supporters, pulling together the experiences of almost 100 successful 10in10 runners.

Training Tips and Advice from Chris Heaton and Adam Smith

Chris Heaton completed the Brathay 10in10 in 2010, went on to run 30in30 in 2013 and other challenging ultra endurance events (often involving snow, frozen lakes, glaciers etc). He continues to provide valuable support to every year's 10in10 runners.

Adam Smith manages our relationship with the University of Cumbria Medical & Sport Sciences department and coordinates injury therapy, sports massage and recovery support provided by students. Adam's particular interests and specialty areas focus on functional training/strength and conditioning work for injury prevention and performance enhancement. He thrives in the pressured environment of bringing the athlete back asap, stronger and with greater injury prevention in place.

....and Joss Naylor's advice to Brathay 10in10 runners is always "You have to do your homework!".

Download the Brathay 10In10 Training Tips Advice PDF