Ed Dixon

Fundraising officer

Supposedly I'm the techie in the Brathay Challenges team. I deal with most things digital ranging from our website to print/digital marketing, imagery and social media.

I am the cyclist in the Brathay Challenges team although I can occasionally be found with a pair of running shoes on if something involving two wheels isn't an option. Whilst I lean toward mountain biking I am definitely slightly guilty of embracing rule #12 of cycling and can often me found riding just about any sort of bicycle.

I started racing 4X in 2014 as a youth and after a seasons racing I transitioned (like many 4X riders) to something a little less bruising. In 2015 I raced my first season of Enduro racing (now as a senior) and went on to place 2nd in 2017. In doing so I became ranked in the top 100 UK Enduro racers.

I ticked the Megavalanche of my bucket list in 2017 and managed to do so without putting my feet down which as anyone who has ridden down from Pic Blanc would know this is a small achievement in its own right.

My plans for 2018 hopefully include the Dolomiti Superbike and maybe (just maybe) the Brathay 262.


  • 2000: Removed my stabilisers
  • 2014: First Season Racing (4X Youth)
  • 2015: First Season Enduro Racing (Placing 28th)
  • 2016: Second Season Enduro Racing (Placing 32nd)
  • 2017: Megavalanche Alpe d'Huez, France
  • 2017: Third Season Enduro Racing (Placing 2nd)
  • 2017: Top 100 ranked UK Enduro Racer